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So, what the hell is Phantom, Inc. even about?

Phantom, Inc. is an Internet company powered mainly by cryptocurrency fueling the distribution of user-generated content; digital media, if you will. Absolutely no rules go into putting anything together as the mature-rated nature is the moniker of the motif displayed here in raw fashion.

There's other media distributed here which can be light-hearted and wholesome on occasion, but the goal is not to be family-friendly when producing this. In fact, creativity and a sense of community are the factor.


Half-Jamaican, the Phantom of Hip-Hop Once embarked on a mission to rid the world of mumble rap in order to free the foundation of the genre in his namesake. Now, he curates from an aesthetic perspective after learning a much deeper history that shaped it for the better (or worse). 


Hailing from the depths of 4Chan, the collective, Anonymous, has long served as the savior of the Internet representing all things user-generated content and web3. They're credited for their miraculous triumphs of exposing corrupt officials of their endangerment of society at large. Now as they've aligned with Phantom, they face their eternal adversary, the Illuminati.


A self-proclaimed Ice Queen, Jayla is an anomaly in terms of her physical expression. She prefers a more ambient, subtle vibe to her persona, gracing herself with elegance. Top that with her eccentric sense of Fashion where she dons platform shoes, silver color, leather material, Goth style, you name it! But nothing's more thrilling for her than the practice of sensual wellness and health. And She can be pretty versatile with it as well.

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