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• Gameplay and aesthetic heavily inspired by "Bungee-style shooters" aka Halo and Destiny, with futuristic environments, weaponry and abilities. 
 • FPS mechanics that go beyond simple “point and shoot” mechanics. Player can spend points on different abilities which enable them to teleport, double jump, sprint faster, etc. Most of the abilities center around movement. It is the movement in that sets it apart from other FPS games. 
 • Ground-breaking graphics in the browser that strike the right balance of form and function. Graphics that scale with hardware: plays on crappy chrome books and scream machines all alike.
 • Multiple game modes: deathmatch and team deathmatch on launch with an elimination mode to come soon after, and many more in the future. 

WASD to move. Right-click to aim. Right click to zoom. Space to jump. T for melee. G for grenade. (All hotkeys can be changed/configured in settings.)

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