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Looks like our contracting partners at Uber came in contact with us over some policy reports.

Agent Jay again. Let me talk to ya. This piece is a little different.

As you have noticed from the title, Phantom, Inc. has five independent contracts for revenue accumulation in support of the financial structure alongside our investments. Recently, we received a message from Uber aside from a phone call informing us of reports of violation toward passengers, including rudeness, sexual misconduct and vulgar remarks. The problem with that is that I don't recall performing any of these actions; we've been as respectful to the riders as they should to us, even if we encounter some rude ones.

But, I started to trace back as to why they would make such claims. Is it because of the Howard Stern show playing on the radio during these rides? Why would they have that much of a problem with the King of All Media? He's a great interviewer for his celebrity guests, and he's made some huge TV appearances in his time as well. Yes, his show has mature-rated themes, but I'm pretty sure the passengers are mature enough to handle it. We do have a policy of our own, though: do not play anything inappropriate around minors under the age of 13. Even as independent contractors, we're being treated as employees in this matter.

Another report came from the delivery side of things, and that was for a lack of professionalism. The deliveries have been done sufficiently and as instructed, yet this claim popped up. Must've had something to do with leaving business cards as an advertising strategy for our company. I can prove this was the reason with this message I received:

don’t leave no more business cards in nobody’s uber eats bags. Tf someone wanna go to get they food & grab out a card for a GROWN MAN carrying around a wwe belt. please excuse yourself.

Uber gave me a phone call wanting to chat me over the issue, but the timing was bad for it, and I requested an email instead. The message primarily focused on the sexual violation report according to the RAINN program. Any more reports like that, and it's one less contract for Phantom, Inc. I decided to contact Uber about these claims to see if these claims were made based on what I thought. Nothing yet. So, as I wait for a response, I'll allow you to debate this story. Do you think the reports were rightfully made? Are the claims false? You be the judge. I look forward to hearing your responses.

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