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Spooktober's coming around again.

Agent Jay here again to give you the spooks this time around.


While everyone in the village is going out to bingo, Phantom saves the president's daughter in the reimagined world of Resident Evil 4. The game will be played in Professional Mode under New Game Plus with no autosaves to be used and knife parrying to be a challenge. It all begins around the first week of October.


C'mon. You knew this was coming. You checked the calendar? The Friday the 13th game will be once played on Phantom TV by the Animazing Faceriggers. Mostly the single-player stuff will be played here as there's little chance of online multiplayer activity to speak of unless PC players viewing the show request to join in. And I don't even need to tell when this show starts.


The scariest time in Shinobi Wrestling comes back for another year and Justin Keith looks to be the host this time. The entire fight card is fully curated at his disposal along with himself being included in a match. Prepare for some old ghouls to haunt the squared circle once again. It's all in your nightmares this Halloween night.

Agent Jay lurks in the shadows again...

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