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What's new with Phantom TV right now?

As Phantom has mentioned, there's some activity around here with upcoming events on the way. So, let's get into it.


Now, you guys may have been wondering about the Games section. We come back with three new games and poof...No more activity ther in a while. Well, we've come to the conclusion...that we're NOT gonna discontinue the game publishing. It's just gonna be dormant until we can evaluate a better layout for us to work with a lot easier as the section becomes updated with new games.


This Spring Break is the return of the Super Mega Baseball League. A new season starts as the defending champions, the Seoul Fantasy, gear up against a fierce new competition from the Toyko Tensei in the first three-game series. And Phantom TV finally televises the rivalry of ages: Martians vs. Goblins Friday evening March 24th at 5:30pm.


Also coming in the Spring Break week will be the beginning of the ∞ Climax marathon as Phantom plays through the Bayonetta trilogy on the hardest difficulty. As you may (not) know, playing under this difficulty usually means more enemies in different patterns, they are faster and stronger, more damage is taken, and NO WITCH TIME after a successful dodge. Accessories are a good idea to make use of here, and essential items are guaranteed despite its effect on award ranking. The fun begins Thursday March 23rd.

And Agent Jay's just lurking in the shadows...

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