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What's next for Phantom TV in September (not third month)?

Agent Jay back at it again. This one's gonna be regular and a first for the Phantom, Inc. website. PHANTOM TV AGENDA

First and foremost, this will include Hip-Hop Phantom getting back into Vlogging with Anonymous and catching up with previous game broadcasts along with a new game to be played:

Surely, you guys know this game has no difficulty setting; it's an intentionally hard game out of developers' fear of the game being finished in a fast time. Also there's Battletoads, a game that didn't need to be in a Shitstorm.

Tune in this September for the Animazing Faceriggers as they explore the world of Disney Infinity.


Our high-score pursuing clan gamer, *GENKING*, is preparing to open an area for everyone to achieve high scores in their favorite games. *GENKING* will choose at least three games to have high score columns, and you can request a game of your choice to have a column added. Be on the lookout for the High Score tab here on the website in mid-September.


When's the last time we got scratching? You know, I do remember: 8 months ago. Well, now it's time to get into it. These DJ sessions are set to happen at random times starting in the month. You'll notice when you see it. It might even be a lecture on DJ-ing.

That's it for now. 'Til next time...

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