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What's next for Phantom TV in Spooktober?

Agent Jay here again. That time of month is coming again, so let's hype up the motif with this lineup.


Spooktober starts off heavy with a back-to-back set of gameplays in the biohazard world. Phantom enters the Village of Shadows in Resident Evil VIII, then explores another village in Resident Evil 4. Both games will be played on their hardest difficulties with any of all unlockables at use. The action starts next Tuesday.


Rumor has it that a mysterious ghoul is stalking Shinobi Wrestling and is preparing to summon the Ring of Terror. This ghoul is looking to obtain some unfortunate souls to be trapped in this realm of adversary with their only means of survival is to simply wrestle a dark entity. It may happen this Halloween.

This is Agent Jay signing out and,, things got really spooky all of a sudden.

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