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What's next for Phantom TV in the New Year?

Agent Jay here, wishing you a happy new year. Now, let's get into the blog.


Thats' right. The Shitstorm is back, but this time, as a series. There will be episodes of the show covering the very worst and weirdest of games in brief detail. The first episode is set to premiere in the summer solstice on Odysee, 3Speak and Utreon?


So now, Phantom must condone a formidable new challenge...Who would've thought there would be a game intentionally developed to be rage-inducing (Oh, that's right. Couldn't get over it. Got it)? Tune in early January to see WHEN Phantom will perform the namesake of this game.


Originally, the DJ Sessions were supposed to happen back in September, but due to personal circumstances, it was not quite possible to perform. Now that DJ NinJay is an official part of Phantom, Inc., these sessions can finally commence. Keep in mind like before they go live at any time, especially this month. Hope you guys enjoyed the party.

See ya back here next time.

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