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Hold on. We got games again?

Agent Jay once again. This blog post entry is something that's not been seen in a long time. Sorry for the hiatus. As you can see, some adjustments made for the website to prepare this session. So now, we got three new games to present.

D. Copter Reloaded

Reloaded D.Copter is a brand new shooting 3D game. You need to take a helicopter and perform shooting missions!

Microsoft Minesweeper

Play the classic puzzle game that has been a part of Windows for more than 20 years, now reimagined. Play the logic game you know and love, now with updated graphics and sound. Play with a touchscreen or with a mouse and keyboard to mark the locations of all the mines without uncovering any of them! Start with an Easy puzzle and work your way up to Expert


Solve thousands of crossword puzzles for free, no subscription required!
Solving crosswords is like mental excercise, it's challenging and relaxing at the same time. Let’s get solving! Play "Crossword" now and join the thousands of crossword enthusiasts!

Time to go play now. In the Games section, you go!

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Games Section is currently closed.

To anyone visiting the website right now, please note the games section is currently closed for maintenance. Time of reopening will be disclosed at a later date.


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